Stingray City Grand Cayman

This website is dedicated to everything related to business and entrepreneurs. We have already talked about tax havens and so I thought it would be appropriate to mention the Cayman Islands which is my favorite tax haven. Below is an article about Stingray City which is my favorite activity there, which is what I did last year when I visited the Caymans!
Do you ever wonder what stingray city grand cayman is? If you have ever known anyone to vacation in this part of the Caribbean, then you may have heard them talking about it. Friends or family might have even sent you a postcard from there, or you just are aware of it from television commercials or online advertisements. Whatever the case, it’s a very unique and special place, so keep reading to learn what it is. That way, you’ll know what people who have been there are talking about, and you might even choose to visit yourself one day! I went with a company called George’s Watersports who catered to our need and were exceptional. I have linked their website below:

The Cayman Islands are a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea, and one of them is Grand Cayman. The North Sound of this island has a series of shallow sandbars that have been dubbed Stingray City. This tourist attraction draws in visitors from around the world because southern stingrays reside in abundance here. People who visit this shallow-water location can not just see these creatures, but actually pet them and interact in other ways.
Stingray City sits in waters that are not every deep. These shallow waters do not cover all of the North Sound of Grand Cayman, but instead are generally in the northwest corner. It is protected to a large degree from the greater sea by a barrier reef, as a natural channel lets water in. A string of sandbars rise up from the ocean floor here. On a map you can see them running from Rum Point to Morgan Harbour.
It is not thought that stingrays have been lingering here for much of history. In fact, legend has it that stingrays did not start flocking here until a number of decades ago. The story has it that fisherman coming back to shore would navigate behind the reef and then stop to clean their fish. The calm, shallow waters around the sandbars made for a convenient spot where squid and fish guts got tossed overboard. Stingrays that figured this easy feast out came here to eat. After time, stingrays would mentally associate boat engine noise with mealtime. Over time, this turned into an actual tradition, and divers started realizing they could feed stingrays by hand!
In modern times, these shallow waters are typically full of private watercraft joining excursion and tour boats. Stingray City is serviced by a number of businesses giving clients excursions, each with their own twist. Tourists can get off the boats and step into water that is chest high for most adults and then interact with any stingrays present. Many boats offer up buckets of cut-up squid tissue, so that tourists have something to feed the stingrays, which also lures many of the creatures to the momentary feeding spot.
Most any cruise to tropical seas and climates is going to have some variation of a glass bottom boat, or possibly even a submarine that lets tourists see fish, sharks, and other wonders of undersea life. Stingray City of Grand Cayman is a rare place where you can get right in the water with it, play with it, touch it, and feed it.